Why does Mainstream Media not report on Terror in Israel?

There isn’t really a clear beginning to this ongoing saga. So I will just start where I am right now. I thought it my civil duty to let you know (as it seems for some reason that none of the major news networks think it important enough to mention?!), that the day before yesterday there was yet another terror attack.

This terror attack came in the form of a terrorist shooting at a family in a car, murdering the father of 10 and injuring his wife, 14 year old and 15 year old. The family watched the life leave him as they screamed for their lives. Rabbi Michael Mark was the victim and his family and huge community now grieve him and have their lives altered forever. This happened 24 hours after the horrific stabbing of 13 year old Hallel Yaffa Ariel, which tore through the heart of our nation especially as we saw the horror of her blood-stained bedroom. Oh and a rocket from Gaza was fired into Israel day before yesterday too and hit a kindergarten.  But I guess that is ‘not news’ if nobody was hurt right?

These have been the terror attacks after Istanbul and it would seem that to major news networks giving updates to the world on not important. This is kind-of baffling given that the rest of the world (countries besides Israel) are now beginning to experience terror that we have unfortunately known all too well… The terror we expected to be seeing by now. Well, those of us aware at least.

A few weeks ago I overheard a Taiwanese colleague in my office speaking with great passion about the terrible stabbing which happened in his country that week. He was rightfully horrified and discussed at length with another colleague, right next to my desk, what could possibly drive someone to do such a heinous thing and ‘can you believe that there was a stabbing?!’ and ‘imagine what it must be to be stabbed to death!!’. I felt confused and aggravated. Confused as I felt compassion for him for the shock while feeling a surge of anger at the unbelievable injustice of the deafening silence about the concurrent scores of stabbings and stabbing attempts in Israel.

We know this terror – we know what it is that his world was shaken as he wrapped his brain around the conscious imagining of what it must be to be stabbed, someone in his home town. Stabbed to death – a surge of pain one cannot really think into realness or be able to imagine, followed by slow, hopeless bleeding to death with shots of adrenaline coursing through the body as it tries to save itself, while you are aware that it is too late. The twisted nature of it is almost too much to bear.

In the last months Israel has had scores of such stabbings and terror – stabbings with knives and scissors, injuries by rocks and bricks, terrorists ramming into people with cars, mass shootings etc etc etc. Imagine your mother, your friend, your colleague, your sibling, your partner…. All a target. It is tragically no surprise really when you have the leadership of the Palestinian people advocating all the time to stab Israelis and have the advisor to the elected president stating openly on TV that “wherever you find an Israeli, slit his throat”, and many such ludicrous examples (I could literally go on for many pages). It is a culture of hate so ingrained it is a mass-brainwashing which should be considered by the international community as the criminal act it is.

This is what we are facing: the uprising of a race called to murder another race for a heavenly reward. Not to ‘end an occupation’, but for a heavenly reward. A mass brainwashing filled with medieval hate and barbarism –insanity on a mass scale… And the world is completely silent. Not a single call from world leaders on the Palestinian people to stop murdering and stop inciting violence. A couple of benign tweets condemning “all violence”, but nothing that may G-d-forbid show up the problem the entire world is facing in the rise of radical Islam. Especially dangerous is the silence from the U.S. president even when the victims have been Americans. This I cannot accept. We have no calls on the Palestinians to behave like civilised human beings, in fact what we have are calls on Israel to “not react too much”. Straight after the recent shooting in Tel Aviv the Obama Administration jumped on air to condemn the attacks while in the same sentence asking Israel to “show restraint”. Again. (Huh?!) It’s like this: “Okay, okay… We see that guy over there is trying to kill you, but please don’t respond too much! It is making everyone uncomfortable which is making things very difficult for me.”…

We not only have this enabling silence but also an insane applaud of the leaders who incite the violence. On 23rd June 2016, at a gathering of the EU, we had a standing ovation for a lie-filled speech given by none other than Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas but silence from the very same applauders when Abbas admitted 24 hours later to having lied about Israel poisoning Palestinian water.

Abbas, as do other radical Islamic leaders, incites violence and openly supports and calls for the murder of Israeli Jews with great praise and monetary reward (thank you Obama by the way for the U.S. money aiding this terrorist leadership).

So what am I saying? So far we have: silence when Israelis or Jews are murdered and terrorised, calls on Israel to show restraint, and a standing ovation by the European Union – a body of representatives of many 1st world countries – for an incitement-speech delivered by a perpetrator of terror right at the time when they face an alarming uprising in Islamic terror.

Am I dreaming?!

Europe is so steadfastly buried in its desperate fear and resentment that Israel seems to be held responsible for every ailment including terror. This is exactly the same blood-libel-like statement as in the 1930’s “The Jews stole our jobs”. It sadly seems Europe didn’t quite manage to shake that sentiment. Much easier and better to go there than to talk about the rather frightening truth that there is a serious problem they need to face in the form of radicalized Islam. The strategy seems to be: ‘pander to the threat and we’ll be safe’. Throw the age-old European anti-Semitism into the mix and we have what we see now in Europe: a violent and growing anti-Semitism expressing itself in a chanting condemnation of a civilised democracy at the forefront of technological, medical, agricultural and philanthropic advances, while standing with terrorists.

An obvious recipe for disaster. This pandering-to-the-threat-plus-good-ol’-anti-Semitism is, in my opinion, what is at the base of the fact that terror or violence against Israelis and Jews is not reported much. It is not even referred to as terrorism.

While former British Prime Minister David Cameron recently argued, correctly in my mind, that without Britain the EU would move into an ever more anti-Israel direction and that it would therefore be a good idea to  remain in the EU, if I were Britain I would vote to exit this sea of hate. There has got to be a better way to watch-dog this than to stay in it. There is reason for concern. Why is a vibrant melting-pot such as Britain now being accused left, right and centre (or should I say left, more left and centre) of being xenophobic? Because it is easier to pander to the threat than to face the threat.

It’s like this: If a do-good house in my townhouse complex started shipping in people off the street, who are likely just hungry, homeless people and not criminals, I would have security concerns. It would, ironically, be racist of someone to call me racist for having these concerns, as the very expectation of me to not have concerns based on the race of the person about which I have a concern, is racist.

It is the same dangerous apologist behaviour of world leaders not condemning Islamic terror for fear of escalating said terror. Really condemning and really doing something about it, not a benign blanket-statement non-specific politically correct tweet, and certainly not a tweet that asks “all sides to not escalate a cycle of violence”.

All we saw, and still see actually, on social media with regards to Brexit, is an explosive accusation of “Brits being racists”. An emotional reaction to the fearful thought that we all know there is reason for concern. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever Britain wouldn’t have free economic trade and travel agreements through EEA and EFTA just like Norway or Switzerland for example. Good on Britain. It is time we tackle the real issue and give honour and respect to our Muslim brothers and sisters who are bravely working so very hard putting themselves in danger standing against the incitement and radicalization, instead of spitting their faces by pretending there is no problem, all in the name of “not being racist”.

Je Suis Juif, Parisien, Belge, Turc, Je Suis Anglais, Tel Aviv et plus. Here’s to truth, courage and never remaining silent as the great and beautiful Elie Wiesel has taught us. Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet.



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