Why it is insane to denounce Israel above all else

In the last while, actually this is a constant so I should say ‘in the last 68 years’, but anyway – in the last while we have seen some very heated calls to boycott Israel and very angry demonstrations and denouncements of Israel and the IDF and of course articles from mainstream media outlets distorting truths to blame Israel for missiles fired at her. This is not new, but what I would like to highlight is how backward and insane it is to denounce Israel above all others. Let’s look at why.


So who is Israel? Who is the IDF?


Recently we marked 10 years since the Second Lebanon War. We remember those who fell, who gave their lives protecting all affected, Israeli and Arab. In particular we, as in my family, remember my cousin Sgan Yiftach Shrier and his platoon who fell in Lebanon in 2006.


I would like to share a little about him and what happened, to honour them. I would also like to illustrate exactly who Israel is and what she does.


Yiftach was a man known for his kindness, inclusiveness, goodness and his care for people. He was, and still is, a highly respected Paratrooper who was admired as a great leader who led with kindness and gentleness. He was the kind of sensitive and good man who, when told “I have an officer for mission xyz, capable and strong”, replied with “No leave him, he is newly married”. A man who when he saw 2 of his officers in a brawl, separated them and instead of reprimanding, told them to go to the mall and not come back until they have taken photos of themselves together in the animated photo-booth. A man who, when he and his soldiers were on a dangerous mission said to each of the boys “Have you called your parents? Call your parents they are worried!” This special and beautiful soul illustrates the ethos of our people and I feel so proud to be his family, so proud of his parents, and his family, and him.


On 28 July 2006 Yiftach and his platoon went into Lebanon on mission. The purpose of this mission was to destroy the terrorist stronghold that Hezbollah had in the village of Maroun al-Ras. This would serve all civilians affected and protect people from the terrorizing Islamist lunacy that is Hezbollah… They were killed in this mission, while working to protect.


The young people in the IDF constantly risk their lives in order to absolutely minimise anyone getting hurt. Conversely, Hezbollah, much like Hamas, happily puts people in harm’s way with the intention to increase civilian deaths (I’m pretty sure that is referred to, as far as international law is concerned, as a ‘war crime’) and many civilians are unfortunately quite happy to die as martyrs so we have a slight problem there.


It is not unusual for the IDF to send their people to destroy weapons and rockets being housed in civilian homes / hospitals / nursery schools, warn people by dropping pamphlets and sending messages to the civilian population to say ‘this is what is happening leave the area’, deliver humanitarian aid all over the world to people in need and so on and so on.


Israel tirelessly helps countries and people in dire situations, takes in a large amount of refugees supporting many illegal ones too into its tiny 22,000km squared and serves life by healing anyone hurt, including terrorists, in Israeli hospitals

This is Israel. This is the ethos of the Jewish people. This is the IDF.


While Israel commemorates and mourns senseless death and prays for and works for peace, and mourns some more thanks to the wave of stabbings and the rise of terror she (and now the rest of the world) is experiencing, we have a feverish shunning of Israel by the international community while the following atrocities are happening right now, right under everyone’s noses… Get comfortable:

Female genital mutilation in many an Islamic-state (200 million babies, little girls and women in a 2016 estimate), public executions of teenagers suspected of – seriously – being gay, mass extermination of Christians in Arab countries (I’m pretty sure that is what is commonly known as a ‘Genocide’) about which the New York Times wrote an article euphemistically entitled “Is this the end of Christianity in the Middle East?” (as if that were the issue to focus on – the future of Christianity, never mind those being murdered), a murder-followed-by-silence  of beautiful, famous Pakistani Qandeel Baloch, a feminist public figure who refused to conform – “honour-killings” such as this going on all the time as ‘the norm’ (interestingly the Telegraph UK wrote the words ‘murdered by her brother’ in inverted commas, why?! Did it not happen?!), children offered up to “martyrdom” in a hateful display which I can only really refer to as a twisted brainwashed “trance” of sorts, pure evil incarnate in the form of a young Palestinian woman who was quite content to hear she had been responsible for the murder of 8 children… Seriously – we can go on for pages with this sickness.


There is a truly very loud silence about all of this which I find personally insulting and quite frightening as we have an equally loud and emotional activism from groups such as Black Lives Matter, Code Pink, the BDS movement etc. (again, we could go on and on) making the most explosive, heated, fevered noise about ‘atrocities committed by Israel’.


Huh? Am I dreaming?


It is important that we ask the question ‘why is this so?’ Not dismantling this bizarre hatred and activism against Israel gives dangerous falsehoods a chance to fester and mutate (much like the falsehoods fed by Hitler’s regime) into what we are already seeing: a world where it is dangerous in many places to visibly be a Jew. Welcome to Germany 1936.


So then I ask the question – why is this so?

It is so because people do not like to ‘not feel nice’, and so the resent the mirror which makes them ‘not feel nice’. And the Mirror is this:

People, as in the general first-world public, are appropriately concerned about the uprising of radicalized Islam. This is not racism. Everyone should be concerned.

For most people however, this concern is immediately followed by the thought that thinking ‘something bad’ about a specific group of people is ‘racist’ and “I must NOT be racist!” and so they launch into the polar opposite extreme, ignoring and often defending extremist and savage behaviour, lest we be racist. Voting to ship in an alarming amount of refugees even though it is known that terrorists are being sent in amongst these poor refugees, lest we be racist. Journalists irresponsibly pretending that fundamental Shariah law is about peace and progressive thinking (yes that actually happened), lest we be racist.


It is how come we see Europeans as a whole becoming a movement of radical-far-left as it is an over-compensation brought on by a national guilt and shame, and it is very sadly to their detriment.


So it (this internal battle) needs to ‘come out’ somehow and what better way than to plonk all the blame and accountability on the Jewish State. Let’s pander to the threat by standing with the threat, let’s stand with the Islamic-Israel-hating-mob, then surely they will know we are on their side and we’ll be safe. Mix this with the 2000-year-old libel which conveniently gives everybody a scape-goat, blaming (seriously) the entire world’s terror problem on the Jewish State’s existence.

It is important that the truth is told no matter what the reactions. It illustrates the ludicrousness of the reprimand and backlash Israel gets, while she really needs everyone’s support to continue being the world’s terror-watchdog and continue to serve, protect and innovate.


Let us pray that the pendulum will land somewhere in the sensible middle before more people are murdered in the name of ‘not feeling nice’.



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