The U.S. Election #ImWithNeither though #ImMoreScaredOfHillary

Well it is finally upon us – the most infamous and bizarre US election to date. While it has been somewhat entertaining to watch this this roadshow, the mud-slinging, the ridiculousness, skits by the likes of Jimmy Fallon etc., I almost got used to it as a norm and forgot it was actually all leading up to this very scary event.

We’ve of course all seen #ImWithHer and #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and all sorts of other shouty hashtags. The only one I’m comfortable with is #ImWithNeither. Yeah we know, that’s not really helpful, but I do feel for those who get to vote and have to actually make a real choice there. I have absolutely no idea what I would do if I got to vote today. Is refusing to vote a sort of a vote? Is it okay that we all know that most people seem to be bargaining with themselves over “which one is worse”?

I am definitely not a supporter of Trump… I do however find myself a little more afraid of her than of him. I mean yeah, we find him stupid and repulsive and all that jazz, but I’m just not that scared of him. Call me naïve but I think that if he did win that the American people will actually come together and step over the polarization egged on (not caused, but egged on) by his rhetoric. The American people have been through this and done it before – overcome separateness – and they will do it again. Coming together and stepping over racism is something which America will always do, however many times. The pendulum shall land! Okay you get it…

Why am I so scared of Hillary?

Ranging from the email server issue (by ‘issue’ I actually mean Federal crime), to her alarming ties with the abominable Sidney and Max Blumenthal (regardless of her embarrassingly needing to distance from them after Max Blumenthal vomited out his vile bashing of the great, my late great-uncle, Elie Wiesel), to the Benghazi scandal, to Ms Abedin’s mother’s genuinely frightening views, to Omar Mateen’s father attending her rally, to the lie that is the promise of “income equality” while accepting payments to the like of $675,000 for making a speech at Goldman Sachs  (saying ‘these multi-billionaires are trying to control our economy, they donate to these organizations and have a picture taken in front of it, I can’t be bought’ while you are doing exactly this, is insulting to our intelligence)… I could go on.

The thought that she may win and continue the dismal picture the current Administration left behind genuinely frightens me. The Obama Administration managed to weaken the United States, hand over international security control to Putin of all people, lift up and strengthen an evil regime supporting many other evil regimes (openly hell-bent on destroying Western civilization and the Jewish State, not in that order) with the insane Iran deal, and pander to the threat in such a way that aided it so that now radical Islam is genuinely one of the world’s greatest threats today. Enter Hillary. Awesome.

Do I think Trump would do a better job than Hillary? No, not necessarily. I think they’re both dismal. I just think Hillary didn’t get checked in the way she should have because people would rather ignore truths in the name of not having Trump.

While I do not support Trump at all (I say again) I feel disgusted and insulted by those shouting out from their arm-chairs comparing Trump to Hitler. How dare you. (No question mark, this is a statement). Those of us who actually know what Hitler is, who know what a real genocidal psychopath is, who have lost family thanks to Hitler and those who followed him, know that Trump is no Hitler and the comparison is vile. Trump is simply an idiotic narcissist. All the ‘peaceful’ hate-mongering separators out there who think it is a funny and apt comparison should be ashamed of themselves. The Democratic Party has, as I mentioned, ironically, uplifted and supported a regime of which Hitler would be proud. That deserves some backlash don’t you think?

One thing’s for sure, Liberal and Leftist have evolved to mean two completely mutually exclusive things. One means you are all for equal rights, freedom, women’s rights, gay rights, safety for all to live as they please – liberty basically. The other has come to mean defensive-about-that-which-we-do-not-like-to-be-thinking-please-don’t-shoot-me-can-you-see-I’m-on-your-side.



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