Trump is Not Responsible for People’s Reactivity

The emotional maturity being displayed, still, by those opposed to Trump makes me very weary of being in that group.

Either the reactivity is being splurged out in the holier-than-thou ‘woe-is-me-what-is-happening-to-the-world-I-know-exactly-how-it-should-be‘ manner, or in the child-like, foot-stomping, angry ‘I-don’t-like-this-change-it‘ manner.
Both are not exactly displays which one would naturally associate with open, liberal-thinking, peaceful people who I daresay should appreciate the democratic process. I only see an angry, whiny, rant worthy of a slap, or at least a giant mirror.

What could one possibly make of this crowd?

Violent Riots…


Vandalism and Destruction…

Peace-loving people who are behind liberty and democracy? Or a dangerous insane mob worthy of jail-time? The fact that this is excused and even defended, or worst of all: blamed on Trump, makes these people incredibly dangerous. Just because somebody doesn’t like something, does not mean it is okay to lose all sense of self or destroy things. Grown-ups don’t, or shouldn’t, do that. Unfortunately, this is the precedent being set.
People are behaving as though all of a sudden we will be transported back 150 years and suddenly women will not have rights and black people will need to use a different bus. There seems to be a belief that the constitution and the people shall crumble and liberty will cease to exist. Do they just not believe the constitution to be strong enough?

The interesting and tragically ironic thing is that this rhetoric was irresponsibly created by the very same democratic left that seems to have tripped over itself and now believes its own lie.

We also of course see the racist extremists worming their way out of the woodwork thinking they are now safe and supported to go out there and splurge their racism all over the place, as if it is now ’their time’.

But here is the thing, people: I’m really sorry, but racists popping up is not the fault of Trump.

Again – there is some responsibility here on the left, the Democratic Party and especially the media for that ridiculous rhetoric. Another, somewhat funny I must say, irony is in actually making Trump that powerful that he could possibly cause people to be racist, like some kind of god, and then fighting to screech out into the air to anyone who will listen that “we shall refuse to make Trump that powerful! He is not my president!” (<Insert foot-stomp here>).

Clamping down on illegal immigration does not equate to “I don’t like immigrants”.

Monitoring people who come from countries which have quite openly declared they’d like to destroy Western civilization does not equate to “All Muslims are a problem”.

This is a dangerous, hate-mongering, inciting, inflammatory lie created by the very mob now exploding over it.

Not only have we seen ongoing protests (the likes we haven’t even seen for ongoing genocide) and truly despicable vandalism, but the result is that it is now deemed okay and even appropriate for leading media publications and news agencies to irresponsibly incite and report with agenda, even going as far as suggesting  Melania Trump to be ‘a slut’, for example. This is to be filed under “I could not have even made that up”.


This is the collective consciousness now. Around about now you should be frightened.

Like in any conversation about any topic, the naysayers always create the very thing they complain about, that which they claim to be against. Creating, and then falling for, the fear-mongering that they accuse others of creating. This is destruction. This is the separation of people and the downfall of a society.

So naysayers, I say, please create the environment needed for real progress.
Be respectful and work with what you’ve chosen in a democratic process. Respect the process. Don’t pretend you know what will happen.

While I’m not a supporter of Trump, I see a man whose first move as President was to invite Israel, a fellow progressive democracy with a free, creative, advanced society, to the White House. Unlike Obama’s invitation to a Radical Islamists during his first term, shaking hands with some of the worst, murderous dictators in existence today.

Calm down, watch the space, and be the peaceful-lovers-of-liberty you claim to be.


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