UN Resolutions & Peace Conferences destroy Palestinian Society.

The Obama Administration’s refusal to properly acknowledge and condemn the Palestinian Authority’s support of terror, incitement to violence and financial incentive to kill Israelis has been a very clear show of the behaviour that has become the norm in modern, Western society today. It also, ironically and tragically, is to the detriment of the Palestinian people. The norm I am referring to is pander-to-the-threat behaviour.

Do world leaders fear how they may appear if they say “hey Palestinian Authority, stop inciting your society to murder people!”? Is it a fear of the backlash they may get from the Leftist movement? A fear from the backlash they may get from the large percentage of the population feverishly and often very violently supporting the Palestinian people with riots and anger? What could it possibly mean if we are seen to support a vibrant, technologically and creatively advanced, mixed society and democracy like Israel?

Whatever the reason for the damaging silence (or worse, the benign mumblings echoing sentiments like ‘we condemn all violence’ or ‘we condemn the cycle of violence’), a whole new era was ushered by the silence which came in the form of the shocking abstention of the US on 23rd December 2016 which saw UN Resolution 2334 being adopted.

This resolution effectively makes it illegal to have any ‘settlement activity’ – any building and such – by any Jews and also makes it illegal for Israel to ‘occupy’ East Jerusalem, which includes the Western Wall. These propositions are not only absurd (from a historical and legal perspective), but they actually support, in simple terms, one nation wanting, and often trying, to get rid of another. (I am being euphemistic in my words when I say ‘wanting to get rid of’).

The world applauded this resolution as a huge step towards two states and various ‘leaders’ pat each-other on the back while the Palestinian Authority’s leading party celebrates with this exciting message to go stab more Israelis:

The knife is slashing the word “settlement” to add to a pool of blood, the names of the 14 countries who voted for the resolution and the words “thank you” are above the image.

Since when is this type of behaviour applauded? Imagine a white political party in the USA, say in New York City, calling for stabbing all the black people who can be found until they disappear from New York, oh ‘and we’ll throw in paying your family a healthy stipend for the rest of their lives if you die heroically in the process’.

I am pretty sure this might, say, make the news.

It is an unimaginable blatant tragedy that the world thinks so very little of the Palestinian people that they do not hold them up to normal society standards. Why should Jews be chased out of the West Bank? Why should they not be allowed to build a shed on their properties? Why? Do world leaders, social justice warriors, the public and others believe that vehemently supporting the Palestinians to be such ethno-fascists is going to help them advance as a peaceful society or create a State? Maajid Nawaz  describes this beautifully.

If a Palestinian State is formed (as Israel has offered openly on a constant basis) and Jews live in those areas which then form part of Palestine, much like the formation of Israel in 1948, those Jews should have the option of either becoming citizens of Palestine, or leaving. This would be normal society. But no – the world applauds that the Palestinian leadership says (in its charter in fact) – ‘NO JEWS ALLOWED’. Where have I read that charter before?

I cannot accept the Obama administration’s abstention as a peaceful act. There is no part in it which can bring any peacefulness. It can only be a reactionary decision made to not ‘fan the flames’.  In other words: fear. And pandering. Mostly fear.

I shall not even discuss the totally ridiculous flop that was the International Peace Conference held a few days ago to discuss, after UN Resolution 2334, how to create a two-state solution. World leaders gathering in beautiful Paris, one of the hot-spot danger-zones for Islamic fundamentalism and serious antisemitism, having coffee and croissants, and forgetting to invite the parties at hand. What’s the word for arrogant in French?

I hope that world leaders and social justice warriors begin to have enough respect for the people for whom they claim to fight, to demand better of them. I hope that world leaders and social justice warriors help move the world forward with truth-telling and working together with other democracies and with the brave Muslims standing up rallying for reform, instead of what the Obama administration managed to support: pretending reform is not needed, moving the world backwards into fear and creating the worst international security situation we have ever seen. Now that fans some flames. Some which even tried to burn Israel to the ground.

#Peace #UN #Israel #Palestine #Obama







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