How the Islamist-Coddling News Media Incite Violence

After a Sabbatical of sorts it is, sadly, difficult to choose about what to write as the horrific incidences are so very many. This is especially true for the last few weeks. I am still gathering many painful thoughts around this, in particular around the Salomon family with whom I share a surname, and so instead I shall write about a blanket topic which is a common thread running through all of what is happening.

This blanket topic, on which I touch in various articles, is the ironic and dangerous behaviour that has become the norm amongst what should be the peace-and-freedom-loving West, in particular the news media. The behaviour I refer to is the bend-over-backwards, pander-to-the-threat which much of democratic society seems to think will keep it safe from harm.

If we show we are on their side we will be safe and if we just shower people with a warm embrace they will calm down and respond in kind.

This has led not only to a very dangerous omission of important facts which go against this ideal and hostility to anyone pointing this out, but an unimaginably ironic condescension and dismissal of the very people being put onto a pedestal. The other side-effect of this global consciousness of coddling and pandering to the threat has been the allowance, and subsequent embrace, of the Arab world’s Jew-hatred. So prevalent and mainstream is this ‘distaste’ for Jews it dare not be questioned for fear of ‘causing turmoil’ by doing do… As if challenging hatred could be the cause of the hatred being challenged. This thinking and behaviour, by its silence, has also led to the allowance, and subsequent okaying of, the slaughter of many thousands of Christians. The silence about the slaughter of non-Muslims in Islamic States has been so deafening it cheapens the news media rising to the defence of Muslims being harassed.

The BBC recently published an abysmal article which had the purpose of pointing out the racist harassment which a group of Muslim schoolgirls endured on a trip they took to Poland to learn about the Holocaust. Somehow the BBC managed the blunder of explaining ‘discomfort Muslims feel learning about the Holocaust’ as tied in with the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel, while simultaneously changing the topic to ‘anti Muslim immigration’  marches in Poland. Here we see how the pander-to-the-threat gives way to the embrace-of-the-utter-dismissal-of-Jews in action. Interestingly this constant and blatantly untrue statement that poor Muslims everywhere are harassed and ostracized by the West strengthens Islamists’ purposeful and dividing chant of ‘us and them’.

Here I publish the letter I wrote to BBC. I received absolutely no response.

“Dear BBC News,

It appears that after making an embarrassing and dismal apology a few weeks ago admitting that Palestinian terrorists had stabbed to death a young 23 year old girl (as opposed to your original headline stating that ‘3 Palestinians were killed by Israeli security after a stabbing’) and then again needing to apologize for your portrayal of Maajid Nawaz (who is one, true liberal anti-Islamist on your side who is working very hard to save Britain from the scourge of Islamist terror) you cower to Islamists by stating and validating the insane notion that Muslims feel ‘uncomfortable’ learning about the Holocaust because ‘it led to the State of Israel’.

BBC, it makes me ‘uncomfortable’ that a major news agency such as yourself (I imagine your mandate declares you to be responsible and professional) sees fit to erase history and distort truth for the cause of ‘not having people put up a fuss’ anymore in your country. It is a great tragedy for Britain to be falling in such a way. It is a greater tragedy still that you pander to the threat thinking that you are safer, and so it is deemed acceptable for people to be ‘uncomfortable’ with empathizing or sympathizing with Jews who were systematically massacred in the horror which was the Holocaust.
In addition to this, had you done any due diligence you would know that Zionism and the dream of Jews going home to Israel came long before the Holocaust.

We learn history so that it does not repeat. You are setting the stage making a very warm and welcoming place for genocidal Islamists.

Do you think so very little of Muslims that you cannot imagine any having some empathy for genocide against the Jews?
You also imply and validate that it is normal and acceptable for entire nations to ‘have a problem’ with Israel existing.

This goes so far beyond any journalistic integrity that it is simply cheapening to attempt any illustration of it.

It cannot be stated or emphasized enough that you are contributing to your own demise and that of the West. It would serve you, Britain and all of Western society for you to acknowledge and apologize for the gross insult to the Jewish people, utter and shameful dismissal of the Holocaust, and perhaps, while you are at it, apologize for forgetting to report accurately on the attack on Jews in Stamford Hill as the ‘youths rioting’ were actually large groups of British Islamists running through the neighborhood with meat cleavers (this may be a little embarrassing for you, but we have seen the videos).

We see now you removed the heinous line from your article, editing it without a public apology. We know it’s getting more and more ‘uncomfortable’ for you as this would indeed be your 3rd apology in a couple of weeks, however it would be somewhat appreciated.


The Educated West”.




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