Who is standing up for Women’s & Human rights?

While this enormous movement marches yet again for rights they already have, forgetting those in actual need and defending those who abuse those rights, let’s examine this tragic and dangerous phenomenon again…
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Pen Blazing

Marching for women’s rights and human rights is a noble thing to do.  Who wouldn’t want to stand up for women’s rights, freedom of speech and choice, helping those in need of asylum, inclusion and diversity? Women all over the world are feeling warmly connected by this new movement which solidified itself during the women’s march and continues moving. We see the connectedness people feel in banding together and standing up for something so important.

The baffling part is that people seem to not know who it is they are supporting. Regardless of what the belief is regarding what the march and subsequent movement stands for, it is important that we examine who is behind creating it so that we understand who it is that we are lifting up onto a literal pedestal.

The co-organizer of this march, the woman responsible for rallying up the crowds and support and creating…

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