Israel and the SA Water Crisis: BDS hurts South Africans and Palestinians

It is no secret that Israel is the world leader in water technologies for irrigation, purification, filtering, desalination, conservation, monitoring and recycling. Israel, one of the driest countries on earth, which started out as a desert devoid of any notable commerce, now produces more freshwater than it actually needs.

Here are some examples of Israel’s phenomenal water technology:

  • NUFiltration provides totally purified water suitable for drinking and irrigation using sterilized medical devices. Their system is so efficient it removes absolutely all pollutants – suspended solids, pathogens, bacteria, viruses and organic matters – from surface water sources including lakes, rivers, ponds and also including borehole water, in one single pass.

Not only is it cheap and simple to use – it runs on solar power and so does not need electricity, making it perfect for developing nations. It has been brought to many countries in need of humanitarian aid.

IsraAID, for example, brought it to Ecuador following the disastrous earthquake in 2016. IsraAID has provided people all over the world with emergency relief and support needed to move from utter destruction to reconstruction and eventually sustainable living.

  • Netafim enables farmers to grow crops with far less water with their brilliant drip-irrigation system. (See their accurate description of what is happening in Cape Town here).

Innovation: Africa has brought this and other brilliant technology to African countries; other technology such as solar powered systems which pump and clean water from aquifers saving villagers having to find and carry water to their homes. Innovation: Africa has drastically improved the lives of countless people and won a UN award for transforming lives.

Sivan Yaari of Innovation: Africa at a celebration during a clean water installation at Nyanza Village, Uganda, in February 2017.
  • Water-gen has developed a literally fantastic technology which creates water out of air. Yes, you read that right. It is so brilliant it sounds fictitious. This is the level of water innovation spilling, if you will, out of Israel.

The executive chairman Maxim Pasik said they have opportunities in both aid projects and selling to governments, in order to bring clean drinking water to African populations.


The list goes on. What’s clear is that not only is Israel a key leader in this field, but also a leader in philanthropy. It is the nature and culture of the Jewish people to uplift and to give back to the world. It is in the education; it is even in the religious law to give back to others.

South Africa has been the recipient of such philanthropy, for example: the phenomenal work done by Afrika Tikkun.

The Palestinian people are also recipients of this philanthropy, despite the millions of dollars in aid which the Palestinian Authority regularly receives, mostly from the US and EU, which appears to not go into any community development but rather gets funneled into terrorist activities and corruption.

For those that accuse Israel of ‘preventing the Palestinian people from having access to water’, we ask you to consider: How is it possible for so many Palestinians to live in squalor while millions of dollars in aid are handed over to the Palestinian Authority?

Consider with this how it is possible for so many Palestinians to live in utter luxury at the same time. Who is supposed to be managing these funds to take care of the people? Why so much money going into the destruction on the Jewish State instead of civil engineering and education? Looking at this with the fact that Israel puts so much aid into the Palestinian territories and welfare one must concede that something does not make sense. It would serve those supporting the Palestinian people to question the Palestinian leadership as to why their people suffer despite the enormous aid they receive. Boycotting Israel is, ironically, hurting the Palestinian people by hiding the Palestinian leadership’s crimes and putting the blame on others for those crimes.


Despite Israel’s engagement to help South Africa with this crisis, such as Israel South Africa Water Week for example, and despite Israel’s constant work towards building a future and future state for the Palestinian people, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and its supporters have hijacked a crucial topic, turning it into a tool with which to denigrate Israelis and the Jewish state, regardless of the negative effect this has on South Africans and Palestinians.

We implore all those supporting BDS in any way to find out some facts regarding plight of the Palestinian people and Israel’s multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society, and to take into account that comparing Israel to Apartheid South Africa is a great disservice and insult to those who actually suffered through South Africa’s Apartheid.

The lie that Israel is an Apartheid state engaging in aggression against the Palestinian people and the demand that there be no relations with Israel creates a situation where:

  • There can, of course, be no dialogue (which is what is needed for any peace in the first place)
  • People cannot find out facts nor learn about Israel or the Palestinian people for themselves
  • The BDS movement and its supporters put racism against Israelis and Jews above its South African citizens who are in real danger as the drought continues.

Tragically much of the ANC government support the BDS movement; many in South Africa’s leadership do not, for example: ACDP (African Christian Democratic Party) president Reverend Dr Kenneth Meshoe and king of the Zulu nation King Goodwill Zwelithini among others.


So extreme is the BDS movement and its supporters’ (including mainstream media) feverish distaste for Israel and her people that during this very serious drought the topic of conversation, rather than be about saving South Africa from this drought, has been to focus on fabrications, for example:

News24’sHow Israel engages in ‘water apartheid’

News24 is one of South Africa’s most widely read media publications. It appears that while copying this article from Al Jazeera, News24 did not see fit to do any due diligence nor fact-checking and was quite happy to incite hatred (and its inevitable subsequent violence), without any regard for facts, for those affected by the drought and for how Israel is helping South Africa and the Palestinian people. It would serve News24 to up its professionalism by being one of the very few mainstream South African publications to fact-check all statements made regarding Israel.

If you would like to write to News24 about this outrageous article please do so here. (I did not get a response).


Despite all of this Israel is still engaged and committed to helping South Africa with this crisis.

Israel will continue to provide the world leading technology and aid within the water, agricultural, medical fields (to name a few) as it is in her nature to do so; even going as far as saving the lives of terrorists who have attempted to murder her citizens.

Let us hope that those supporting the denigration of Israel, and those willing for South Africa to not have the best help possible just so that there are ‘no Israelis allowed’, will take a moment to think for themselves about what they want to support and find out some facts, for the good of humanity, in honour of peace.

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