Why is Only One Group of Supremacists Being Given Attention?

As we enter another tense weekend for Charlottesville and pray for the safety of the citizens as they get hijacked by those external elements who would see unrest, this is a good time to reflect on what we must do about all supremacists. This phenomenon has only grown around the world. May we see a peaceful outcome to this weekend.

Pen Blazing

As an Israeli Jew and the grand-daughter of Auschwitz survivors I can tell you I am not afraid of the Neo-Nazis, nor the KKK, nor any one of the similar, right-wing, extremist groups associated. Disgusted? Yes. Appalled and in pain for all of us who have been affected, especially for those Holocaust survivors who have just watched this Charlottesville march unfold? Yes and yes. But afraid? No.

Why am I not afraid, you wonder? Because their time is over. Because they are weak and we can, and do, squash them with ease. We will put them in jail if they try anything with us. They are dying out and their numbers generally drop. To give a little perspective: there are approximately 6,000 of these people throughout the entire USA. I find it somewhat insulting to be told “Be afraid! Neo-Nazis are back and will kill you!” when they were never…

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