Podcast: Coronavirus, Economic Downturn & Social Unrest

On this podcast of The Schilling Show we discuss the current situation in South Africa regarding the Coronovirus pandemic and the problems with which we start off, the economic uncertainty and drop to ‘junk status’ credit rating, and the inevitable increase in illness, desperation and crime as a result of the combination of these.

We also discuss the need for kindness and compassion alongside awareness and vigilance at this time.

From minute 21:00.





Listen to the podcast below, on the WINA’s website or on SoundCloud.


Videos Discussed

Sky News report on the realities of the impossible task of a lock-down in townships.

The Realities of Township Life and the Impossibility of Social Isolation.

SABC News shows the hygiene problems in high-density informal settlements.
Click here for the video.

Diepsloot Hygiene 20200317
SABC News: The hygiene realities in informal settlements.

Kindness and Compassion alongside Vigilance and Self-Protection

  • Support local well-established Non-Governmental Organizations who distributing necessities.
  • Contact your local Ward Councillors directly to find out what is being done in your area and ways you can contribute.
  • When grocery shopping, carefully give sanitizing soap / wipes and explain how to wash. Give basics like food instead of money. Do this only if you have a mask and can keep distance. The below picture is from before the national lock-down. Best is to support the established organizations working on this.
  • Stock up on non-perishables.


Stay safe, be kind to yourself and others, consciously keep your gratitude in check.

This is calling for us to pull together.





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